Dual Density 58 4-pack
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Dual Density 58 4-pack


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GAWDS Dual Density wheel turns your skates into Cadillacs with a clean simple look. Comes with a diameter of 58mm and a hardness of 90A on the outside which ensures fast and smooth rolling whilst the softer PU on the inside absorbs impacts and vibrations to give you a more pleasant ride. Hence the name. Style, lowrider is. Quality best and most durable wheels on the market is. The combination of two polyurethanes with different densities not only prolongs the wheel's durability but also provides you with a new level of comfort. This is the best wheel for skating on streets and the all-time favorite of all our team riders. It features a black polyurethane color, a flat profile for more stability and the renowned "Tribune" core.


Wheel Diameter: 58mm
Wheel Width: 24mm
Wheel Hardness: 90A outside, soft inside
Wheel Profile: flat 13mm
Wheel Bearing Standard: 608 / Decode