FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110
FULL CL10 3x110

FULL CL10 3x110

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CL Decode Pro 90 Dark


Inline Skate Height in CM: 20cm
Weight Skate (left side no brake): 720g (size 41)
Boot Type: carbon hybrid, handmade
Boot Mounting Standard: 165mm
Shell / Outsole Material: ["carbon composite","kevlar reinforced","heat moldable"]
Shell / Outsole Sizes: single size
Material Upper / Liner: TPU, ballistic nylon, microfiber lining
Cuff Material: carbon with Kevlar reinforcements
Top Closure: micro-adjustable buckle
45° Closure / Front Foot Closure: micro-adjustable buckle
Liner: Integrated
Liner Top Closure: lacing
Shock Absorber: false
Frame Material: 7003 AL
Frame Manufacturing Process: Extruded + CNC
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): max. 275mm (4x90)
Max. Wheel Size: 3x110mm, 4x90mm
Frame Axles: double axle, steel, 8mm, T25, 1mm rocker / single axle T25
Adjustable Side to Side: true
Adjustable Front to Back: true
Included Accesssories: 1 pair of frames, 6 rocker axles steel 1mm, 10 spacers AL 10,25, 10 single AL axles torx T25, 4 washers 1mm thick, 4 screws 10mm, 4screws 12mm, 4 screws 15mm, 1 IQON tool
Wheel Compound: Ultra Reactive Polyurethane
Wheel Diameter: 110mm
Wheel Width: 24mm
Wheel Hardness: 85A
Wheel Profile: round
Wheel Core: 7 star
Bearing Brand: IQON
Bearing Rating: GOLD
Bearing Standard: Decode / 608
Bearing Shield: RZ, single sided rubber coated steel
Bearing Lubrication: grease


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