disroyal is back

2021: Disroyal’s Comback Year

Disroyal Distribution dates back to 1996. From day one, our goal was to offer skaters the hottest and most innovative skating brands available. While that era came to an end, Disroyal went underground but never disappeared. Disroyal made its comeback in 2021, and we’re ecstatic to be living our dream.

Captain Disroyal

There’s no doubt that 2021 was a challenging year for most people, but with all challenges come opportunities and the chance to do something special. Yes, 2021 was the year Disroyal was reborn. It wasn’t easy–reforming a distribution company in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t an ideal situation–but through hard work, dedication, and the loyalty of skaters around the world, we’re proud to be the home of Gawds, IQON, and our newest brand, Mesmer

The entire Disroyal family is grateful for all of our supporters, and as a small thank you, we have some limited-time holiday offers on a range of products from Disroyal brands. Enjoy the rest of our newsletter and treat yourself (and others) with these awesome deals. 

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