All-new products from IQON

All-new products from IQON

IQON is one of the most innovative skating companies out there and there are no signs of them slowing down. In fact, IQON is coming out with a wide range of new products, including pro model wheels and frames that are designed to be both functional and affordable. 

Mina Lee Wheel

Available in July, Mina Lee, Chad Hornish, and Sacha will all have their own signature wheels, so be sure to support these talented skaters and pick yourself up a set or two. 

Meanwhile, IQON is also set to release two new frames that are designed to be affordable while still living up to IQON's renown quality. The Code 80 and Code 84 will come complete with IQON wheels and bearings so you can get rolling right out of the box - just put them on your favorite skates and you're all set.

 IQON Collection IQON – Disroyal

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