Disroyal’s Limited-Time Black Friday Offer

Disroyal’s Limited-Time Black Friday Offer

Disroyal distributes some of the most innovative, popular skate brands on the market, including IQON and GAWDS. There’s never been a better time to update your set-up and grab some news skates, wheels, clothing, and other products. 

Disroyal team week 2021

Take advantage of our Black Friday deal where customers will get an extra 10% off their purchases and double loyalty points. And that’s not all! Did you know 10% of each purchase goes right back to our team? It’s true! Get a great deal on some of the best skating products on the market AND support some of the best riders on the planet.


Remember to use the code "TEAM" in your checkout to see the discount applied!
Only applicable to products without pre-order from IQON and GAWDS collections.


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