Franky Morales Invitational

Franky Morales Invitational

The Franky Morales Invitational is an exclusive contest with only the best aggressive skaters in the world being asked to compete. It’s no surprise that Gawds, Mesmer, and IQON were well represented with numerous team riders invited to the contest. 

Franky Morales, John Bolino, Martina Svobodova, Chad Hornish, Tim Franken, Zack Savage, Paul John, Lauric Picard, Chino Sin and Montre Livingston were representing the Disroyal family in Florida at the Lot 11 Skatepark and they did not disappoint. John Bolino won the contest, following his 2nd place finish at Blading Cup, and despite being injured Martina took the Bladies category showing that she not only kills it on the street but also owns the skatepark.

john bolino

Well done and congratulations to the whole Disroyal team!

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