GAWDS Announces Two New Skates

GAWDS Announces Two New Skates

Is there any other brand that has a following like GAWDS? It may be a small company, but it is constantly coming out with amazing skating content and even more impressive products. On top of the recently released, GAWDS Team Skate, Franky and the gang have two new skates about to be released. 

Franky IV Pro Skate

The first is the Franky Morales IV pro skate. Franky’s pro skate has been one of the most talked about aggressive skates for years, and now in its fourth iteration, the Franky IV continues his legacy. A black and white colorway is accented with blue and red highlights, it suits Franky’s style and personality perfectly. The hybrid composite boto is hand-lasted and incorporates glass-fiber reinforced plastic with a matching cuff making the skate light and flexible.  The Franky IV is complete with a wide soulplate, 45-degree strap, and a unique leather cuff strap. Coming out of the box with a trusted anti-rocker setup and this is one skate that should be on everyone’s Christmas list. 

Aton Urban Skate

If you’re looking for a stylish urban skate, we are happy to announce that the long-anticipated GAWDS Aton urban skate will soon be available for purchase. With a style that screams GAWDS, the Aton is like nothing else on the market. The shell is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and covered with a mixture of polyurethane (PU) nano-leather, and real leather, giving the skate a unique sneaker-inspired look. The glass-fiber reinforced plastic cuff is complemented with a classic micro-adjustable buckle to keep your foot snuggly in place. Designed around the 165mm mounting system, the Aton is coming with Iqon Decode SE frame that allows you to roll either 4x90 or 3x110. 



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