Looking back at 2022

Looking back at 2022

Disroyal has its roots dating back to the early mid ’90s, but the latest incarnation of the company is only a couple of years old. In that time, we’re proud to have grown our brand line up and offer skaters innovative, high-quality, stylish, and progressive products. Looking back at 2022, it’s amazing to see the wide range of market-leading products that came out and the epic skating our teams of riders brought to the skating world. 


Franky Morales and his team simply don’t stop. On top of Gawds pro team, this past year they unveiled their Demi-Gawds am team consisting of talented and dedicated men and women – they even jumped on an RV and went on tour throughout Florida and the South East. And, because releasing one skate isn’t enough, Gawds released three new skates, including the Gawds Team, Franky Morales 4, and the incredibly stylish Aton urban skate

Martina Svobodova - FM Invitational 3 – Bladies Competition 1st place 


This is a truly unique and innovative brand. In fact, there’s nothing else like IQON out there. Bringing together the worlds of aggressive, urban freestyle, and even speed skating, IQON has shown time and time again that it offers some of the most progressive and capable products on the market. In 2022, we were able to bring you multiple skates, including the AG10 and AG20 aggressive skates, and the speed and urban-focused CL10 and CL20. 

Laura Santos – World Roller Games 22 – Junior Street Competition 1st place

Andreu Greses – World Roller Games 22 – Downhill 1st place 


Billy O’Neill and the Mesmer gang have created a brand all their own. In all starts with the right products, and Mesmer has released two pro model skates based on the classic Throne (John Boliono and Dominic Bruce). With modern components, new colors and designs, and an all-new souplate, people have embraced and voice their love for Mesmer products. But there is more to it than just skates; Mesmer has a team including John Bolino, Dominic Bruce, Levi Van Rijn, Marc Moreno, and others. The Mesmer team went on tour earlier this year releasing the memorable RV there yet? edit, and toward the end of 2022 put out Mesmer NYC Vol. 1 section. 

Martin Danning – Spring Blading Cup (Street and Mini ramp Intermediate comp) 1st place

Dominic Bruce – Blading Cup November – street pro 3rd place

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