Mesmer as a way of expression

Mesmer as a way of expression

From the very beginning, Mesmer wanted to be different. The goal with Mesmer has always been to give back to the skating community and support skaters in any way we can. 

For the first run of Mesmer products, we thought the best way to give back to the community and the best way to do that was to partner with and print our clothing and other products through a fellow blader. We teamed with Cavin Brinkman of Outcast Printing (@outcast_printing), a talented blader from Holland. 

Cavin has been involved in the industry/community fin different ways for a long time - from printing hoodies for crews to documenting the scene from Holland with videos like Plastic Pushers (@plasticpushers). 

We want to use Mesmer as a way of expression and the team is constantly drawing and sketching things to make; from shirts to accessories that will soon see the light. The now-famous bat shirt was drawn by Pro-rider Levi Van Rijn, while the ski mask design was done by Chase Rushing and Marc Moreno did the Mesmerized design.

There are so many talented bladers in the community that we are looking to work and collaborate with. Chase Rushing was the first artist we worked with and we are already talking with other artists for future runs. If you don't know who Chase Rushing is, take some time to check out this old section: 

For more examples of sketches and drawings done by the guys, check out these photos from David Montes:



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