IQON Unveils the all-new CL10 Skate Boot

IQON Unveils the all-new CL10 Skate Boot

The IQON CL10 was designed with competition in mind, giving skaters a lightweight, high-performance skate boot without compromise. Precise and versatile, the CL10 is the perfect boot for alpine, downhill, high jump, freestyle, and urban inline skating. 

Strong, durable, lightweight, and responsive - the CL10 is the pinnacle of inline skating performance. 




The CL10 was designed around the 165mm mounting standard, giving skaters a wide range of frame options, and maximizing compatability. 



With a tailored blend of foams and just the right amount of padding, combined with the perfect performance-focused last, the result is precise and responsive while still being incredibly comfortable. The skate allows skaters to feel the surface–the grip and the traction–so they can react accordingly to any situation. 



No two feet are the same. The CL10 is easily heat moldable improving fit, comfort, and performance. Combined with the rockerable carbon cuff, the setup helps correct any misalignments or pressure points and ensures the perfect fit every time. 



The CL10 includes traditional laces that are enhanced with lacing anchor loops to increase pressure on specific areas when needed. The 45º flap offers a snug, comfortable and precise heel lock helping improve comfort and power transfer. It even has an inverted buckle to keep it safe from all the bumps and scrapes that come with fast, high-performance skating. The sturdy metal cuff buckle can stand up to even the most demanding skaters, keeping your ankle secure and supported. 



We put a lot of effort into finding the right materials for our skates. The materials we use are incredibly durable, while still being as environmentally sustainable as possible.

With the CL10 there is no need to compromise; the mix of microfibres, TPU and synthetic fabrics allows the boot to be lightweight, durable, and of course, stylish while keeping the planet happy. 



From the side protector to the 360º abrasion-resistant microfibre protection, the CL10 is designed to stand up to even the most demanding skating conditions.



It looks clean and stylish from afar,  while up close, the attention to detail makes it stand out from the crowd.


Key Features

  • 165mm standard mounting
  • Very high feel and reactivity
  • Heat-mouldable carbon shell and cuff
  • Traditional laces, additional lace anchors, 45-degree flap with inverted micrometric buckle and traditional top buckle fastening.
  • Vegan / Recycled materials
  • Durable
  • Stylish




Potos by VladimirFSK 

Model Sebyy Urban team memeber

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