New IQON products

New IQON products

After months of anticipation, we are beyond happy to officially announce the first IQON skates will soon be arriving at our warehouse and they will soon be available for purchase at the world’s best skate shops along with 


IQON’s premiere aggressive skate, the AG10, is a masterpiece. Engineered with a lightweight and nearly indestructible carbon shell that’s reinforced with Kevlar and completely heat moldable. The’s skate’s carbon cuff, a first for aggressive skates, delivers unmatched support and control, while the new Prime liner from MYFIT further improves comfort, even during the most intense skating sessions. The skate is made of only the highest-quality materials that are also eco-friendly with the goal of offering a sustainably manufactured skate without compromising on quality or performance. 

You’re going to love grinding on the IQON AG10. Its soulplate is a legendary one made of Nylon and Glassfiber, making it slide faster and last longer than other skates out there.

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The little brother of the AG10, the all-new IQON AG20 is an incredible aggressive skate engineered with high-performance glass-fiber reinforced plastic, this superb skate delivers the perfect balance of support and flexibility. Just like it’s older brother, the AG20 features the new Prime liner by MYFIT. The liner incorporates the latest technologies and materials along with a redesigned tongue made by PU that adjusts perfectly to skaters’ forward flex ensuring an amazing fit and unmatched comfort. Complete with a fast and durable soulplate made out of a mix of nylon and glassfiber. 

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There’s a lot to like about the all-new IQON TR10 urban skate. Designed around a lightweight and strong carbon fiber shell and incorporating the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system, the TR10 may be the best urban skate on the market. 

The craftsmanship of the TR10 is something to behold. Handmade and completely heat-moldable, the skate features a support carbon cuff and the innovative Atop lacing system that’s integrated on the outside of the tongue. No detail was ignored when designing the TR10, complete with golden-print styling and made of eco-friendly materials, with the TR10 there is no need to compromise. 

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IQON Clothing 

You have to look good when you’re cruising through the city or ruling the skatepark. Along with a full line of aggressive and urban skates, frames, wheels, and other accessories, IQON has a full clothing line that’s designed specifically for urban and aggressive inline skating. From long-sleeve shirts and windbreakers to shorts, pants, and everything in between, IQON has the stylish and functional clothing any skater will love. 

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