IQON Full Setups Now Available

IQON Full Setups Now Available

After the undeniable success of the IQON AG10, AG20, and TR10 boots, bull setups are now available in our online store. Complete with Decode frames and IQON wheels, there is a range of setups to choose from, so take some time to browse our selection and find the ideal setups for your individual skating style. 

AG10 boot / 110 Decode frame / 4x110 wheels

A superb urban setup. IQON’s supportive, high-performance carbon fibre AG10 boot and cuff are combined with the super lightweight and responsive 110 Decode frame and complemented with fast, smooth, and agile 110mm IQON wheels. 

AG10 + 110 Decode frame + 5x80 wheels (2x84mm+3x80mm)

This versatile urban setup gives you options, allowing skaters to easily switch wheel setups. Whether you’re looking to improve control and responsiveness or focus more on all-out speed, this setup can do it all. The high-performance AG10 boot and cuff are made of durable and lightweight carbon fibre and paired with 110 Decode frames that give skaters the freedom to choose from different rockering and wheel configurations. Complete with IQON wheels and this full setup is ready to roll. 

AG10 + 110 Decode frame + (110+90+Hblock setup)

Straddling the line between urban and aggressive skating, this adaptable setup is designed around the AG10 boot that incorporates strong and lightweight boots and cuffs that can take a beating whether you’re in the skatepark or the urban jungle. The 110 Decode frame is paired with a 110/90mm wheel setup complete with an H-block, so whether you’re looking to grind, skate fast, or get big air - you can do it all with this impressive urban and aggressive setup. 

AG20 + 80 Decode frame + 4x80 wheels

This is the perfect setup to embrace urban freestyle skating. The AG20 boot is lightweight and supportive while giving skaters more flex than the AG10. The Decode 80 frames paired with 80mm IQON wheels give you explosive power and a smooth, responsive skating experience. 

AG20 + 80 Decode frame + (80+64+Hblock setup)

There's no need to decide between urban or aggressive - this setup lets you do it all. Made of The AG20 is a fantastic boot for aggressive skating, made primarily of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, this superb boot delivers the perfect balance of support and flexibility. The 80 Decode frame allows for a range of wheel configurations, and in this case comes with 80mm / 64mm setup and an H-block, allowing skaters to grind, skate fast, turn quickly, get big air, and explore all sides of urban and aggressive skating. 

TR10 + 80 Decode frame + 4x80 wheels

The TR10 is a premier urban skating boot, designed to be lightweight and precise. Made of featherlight kevlar reinforced carbon fibre, you can skate all day in this superb urban boot. Paired with 80 Decode frames and 80mm IQON wheels, this setup gives skaters all the tools they need for an unmatched urban skating experience. 

TR10 + 110 Decode frame + 4x110 wheels

Skate hard and skate fast - this setup is designed for speed. The lightweight and responsive kevlar reinforced carbon fibre TR10 boots are paired with high-performance 110 Decode frames and 4 x 110mm wheels.



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