Disroyal Goes Green

Disroyal Goes Green

Everyone has a role to play in making the planet a better place, including Disroyal. We are constantly looking for new ways to do our part in helping ensure we have a healthy planet, and a clean, healthy environment. 

Disroyal has partnered with Ecologi  and now a tree will be planted for every order made on the Disroyal website. To date, Ecologi and its partners are responsible for planting more than 42 million trees and removing 1.8 million tonnes of CO2e  from the environment. 

We also focus on designing sustainable products, including IQON’s EQO line of wheels. The wheels are cast using a special, eco-friendly urethane made from 30% corn starch and a core made from 20% recycled composite material. Made in the USA, these wheels outperform most less eco-friendly wheels in terms of roll and wear resistance while helping preserve the planet we are skating on. We are also reducing the use of plastics and inks in all our packaging.

And, to show that even small changes can make a difference, Disroyal stickers are made of vegan-friendly materials. 

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