Video: How-to install IQON sliders

Video: How-to install IQON sliders

Inline skating is like no other sport or pass time - fast, intense, and fun, and allows individuals to express themselves.

To ensure you're skating your best, it's vital to ensure your skates are well-maintained and equipped with the right accessories for maximum performance for your individual style of skating.

A key to protecting your IQON skates is to install slide protectors which safeguard yourboots when you're enjoying an intense day of urban skating. This short video will guide you through a step-by-step process on how to install slide protectors for IQON AG10 inline skates. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, this easy-to-follow guide will keep you rolling smoothly while protecting and prolonging the life of your IQON skates.

Take a minute, and learn how easy it is to install slide protectors.

  1. Preparation: Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools at your disposal.
  2. Aggressive Plate Removal: To install the side protector, you first need to remove the sole plate.
  3. Marking the Holes: Once you've found the desired position for the side protector, you need to mark the holes where you're going to drill.
  4. Removing the Inner Liner: Before you drill the holes, you should take the liner out from inside the boot.
  5. Drilling: Ensure that the tool you're going to use to make the holes is slightly larger than the screw you're going to insert. If you're inserting a 5.5 mm screw, you should use a 6 mm tool to make the holes.
  6. Receiver Installation: Before you put the side protector on, it is highly recommended that you put the receiver under and make the screws tight so the receiver is properly seated inside the boot.
  7. Side Protector Placement: Place the side protector in its place, put the screws in, and tighten them.
  8. Use of Modeling Glue: It is recommended to use modeling glue to further secure the side protector. This glue dries and gets rock-hard in 24 hours. You can even create a small decoration, such as simulating a screw on top of the protector with your hexagonal or Philips tool.
  9. Cuff Protector Placement: You can place the cuff protector, which you can easily download from IQON's website.
  10. Protector Positioning: If you prefer a more free-skate setup, you can place the protector in a lower position. However, if you want to put the sole plates back, it is recommended to position the protector a bit higher.

Once you've followed these steps, your IQON AG10 roller skates should be ready to go with its new side protector installed.

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