IQON is the first direct offspring of Disroyal. A completely new and innovative skating brand putting skaters first. 

Our goal at IQON is to offer quality options for the toughest skating segments. With our main focus on urban and aggressive skating IQON seeks to create original solutions allowing for more freedom of choice. To offer only the best for skaters around the world IQON uses the most advanced technology available. Thanks to the use of IQONs innovativel Decode system, UFS, TRINITY and standard 165mm mounting frames offer more choices than ever. Here to create solutions so skaters can create the setup they always dreamed of. 

IQON – Augmented Mobility 


Or Team now… 

The Team behind IQON 

To achieve all this IQON has gathered a team deeply rooted in skating.

Designs are created by Javier alias Khali, one if not the original Freeride and aggressive skaters from Spain, Industrial designs are developed by Umberto, an ubran and aggressive skater from Italy, Social media, Marketing and team is run by Thimo, a former top level speedskater from Germany, Sales are run by Zoltan another aggressive and urban skater from Hungary, webpage, design, animation and co are run by Pablo, one of the best freeskaters in the world from Spain.