Lauric Picard

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favorite or reference skater/s: Brian Aragon

A skating video that inspires you: Brian Aragon Game theory profile

A song that you really like to skate: Fenato (chief keef)

Where are you from? Where can we find you skating?: I’m from Switzerland but I’m currently living in Montreal

What is your favorite trick?: Royal to alley oop top soul

What is your favorite place to skate?: Skatepark HS36 la Fievre

What is your best advice to improve your skating?: Just skate, have fun and do what you love. No one cares about level

What are your favorite setups? 57mm 3x110 4x90 ...: 2x59mm freestyle, but I also ride 4x59 or 60mm and 4x80mm with my urban frame

How and when did you start skating?: I started skating because I was playing hockey and I’ve always been on rollerblades. One day ~8 years ago I tried doing it in a skatepark and I loved it. I’ve never quit

Why do you skate? What do you like the most about skating?: It really frees my mind when I skate. I don’t think about anything else and I love the community

Any hobbies outside of skating?: Skiing in winter and swimming in summer