Laurinha Santos

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Where are you from? Where can we find you skating?: I am from Brazil

How old are you?: 13 years

How long have you been skating?: 5 years, but it will be 6 years old in July

Favorite place to skate?: Parque da Juventude São Bernardo, but I don't go there much, because it's far from where I live

Favorite IQON setup?: Ag10 IQON, because I haven't used Montre's pro model yet, haha

Favorite Trick(s)?: My favorite tricks are Back Savanna, Ao soul fakie 360 and Fish Brain

Why do you skate?: Because it gives me a good feeling when I'm on skates, it brings me freedom and peace

Any hobbies outside of skating?: I like playing the guitar, artistic gymnastics, cross fit and after roller skating I really like mathematics