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Experience the ultimate skating performance with Iqon Access Wheels featuring the lightweight and stiff casted Code 80 AL frame for unmatched agility and stability.

Setup: 4x80mm
Introducing the ultimate urban inline frame set for discerning skaters: the Iqon Code frame with single steel axles. Designed to elevate your skating experience, this high-performance frame set boasts exceptional features that will leave you craving for more. At the heart of this frame set lies the innovative Iqon Code frame, engineered with precision and durability in mind. The single steel axles provide a solid foundation, ensuring maximum stability and control as you navigate the urban jungle. With a 165mm mounting system, this frameset offers a wide and stable mounting platform, allowing for enhanced balance and maneuverability in size 9,6" (243mm). But what truly sets the Iqon Code frame set apart are its Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. These bearings are not only incredibly fast but also built to last, delivering a smooth and effortless glide every time you hit the pavement. Experience the thrill of speed as you effortlessly cruise through the city streets, confident in the reliability of your bearings. Complementing the high-performance frame and bearings are the Iqon Access wheels. These wheels, measuring 80mm and boasting an 85A hardness rating, are crafted from ultra-reactive polyurethane. This combination of size and hardness ensures exceptional responsiveness and excellent grip on various surfaces, allowing you to take on any urban terrain with confidence. Durability and lightweight design are at the forefront of the Iqon Code frame set. Constructed with premium materials, this frameset can withstand the rigors of intense skating sessions while remaining lightweight for effortless agility. The longevity of this frame set ensures that it will accompany you on countless urban adventures, becoming an integral part of your skating journey. Mounting screws are included.


3Ds and files downloables
Frame Material: AL ADC10
Frame Manufacturing Process: 3D cast
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): 9.6" / 243mm
Max. Wheel Size: 80mm
Wheel Setup: 4x80mm
Frame Axles: Single axle Steel, 8mm, hex 4mm
Adjustable Side to Side: true
Adjustable Front to Back: true
Wheel Name: Iqon Access
Wheel Compound: Ultra Reactive Polyurethane
Wheel Diameter: 80mm
Wheel Width: 24mm
Wheel Hardness: 85A
Wheel Bearing Standard: 608 standard
Wheel Spacer: AL floating spacer, 8mm
Wheel Spacer: AL floating spacer, 8mm
Bearing Brand: WCD Wicked
Bearing Rating: ABEC 9
Bearing Standard: 608 standard
Bearing Material: Chrome steel
Bearing Shield: Rubber coated metal shields, exchangeable
Bearing Lubrication: Light Grease


7003 Aluminum
Classic 165mm Mounting
Decode Technology
Extruded Profile and CNC Finish
Rocker Axles 1mm
Single Axle