ABEC 5 FS, 16-pack
ABEC 5 FS, 16-pack (1)

ABEC 5 FS, 16-pack

310037 | 16 pcs.

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ABEC 5 high-quality bearings are fast spinning and long-lasting, suitable for all rolling sport disciplines.
Wicked ABEC 5 FS quality bearings
Wicked ABEC 5 FS bearings are crafted from high-quality chrome steel, ensuring durability and smooth spinning. It is not without reason that the abbreviation FS stands for "Free Spinning". Precision-manufactured with 7 chrome steel balls, lubricated with Japanese Kyodo grease, and equipped with a one-side RZ rubber-coated steel shield, providing excellent protection against moisture and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Check your bearings frequently
It's crucial to check the bearings of your skates regularly to ensure they are in optimal condition. Moisture and debris can significantly affect the performance and longevity of your bearings. If you find that your current bearings are worn out or rusted, consider replacing them with Wicked ABEC 5 FS chrome steel bearings.

Perfect for those who need a complete set for their inline or roller skates. Wicked ABEC 5 FS bearings are also available in a big pack including 50 pcs. as well as in an 8-pack.

Suitable bearings for all kinds of skating
The ABEC 5 rating guarantees precise manufacturing, making these bearings suitable for all types of skating activities, no matter if you just cruise relaxed with some friends, strive through the city using urban obstacles for thrilling action, enjoy nature by skating off-road, or have fun playing hockey.


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Bearing Brand: Wicked
Bearing Rating: ABEC 5
Bearing Standard: 608 standard
Bearing Shield: RZ, single sided rubber coated steel shield
Bearing Lubrication: Kyodo grease