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AG Decode Pro 110 Dark


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Decode frames got more to offer than any other traditional inline frame. And by more we don’t only mean style. We are talking about more options. More possibilities. More freedom. By redesigning the connection between frames and bearings we made room for various setup options. HiLo, three wheels, four wheels, rockered, flat, grindblock, symmetrical, asymmetrical — one frame, your choice. These Decode frames with UFS mounting are designed for high speed urban skating and allow for wheel sizes up to 3x125mm or 4x110mm. #AUGMENTEDMOBILITY
Included: 1 pair of frames, 6 rocker axles steel 1mm, 10 spacers AL 10,25, 10 single AL axles torx T25, 4 washers 1mm thick, 4 screws 10mm, 4screws 12mm, 4 screws 15mm, 1 IQON tool

Setup: 4x110, 3x125, 2x84 + 3x80, 2x110 + 2x90 + Grindblock (check configuration file)


3Ds and files downloables
Frame Material: 7003 AL
Frame Manufacturing Process: Extruded + CNC
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): max. 335mm (4x110)
Max. Wheel Size: 3x125mm, 4x110mm
Frame Axles: double axle, steel, 8mm, T25, 1mm rocker / single axle T25
Adjustable Side to Side: false
Adjustable Front to Back: false


7003 Aluminum
Decode Technology
Rocker Axles 1mm
Single Axle
Extruded Profile and CNC Finish