Ally 110 Natural 3-pack

Ally 110 Natural 3-pack

30210 | 3-pack

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Let's get technical. Upgrade your skates with Ally wheels to make them the machine you want them to be. The CNC machined aluminum core offers the most direct skate feeling you can get and makes the wheel carry loads of momentum. It also doesn't hurt they do look great!
This urban and street skating wheel is coming in with a diameter of 110mm and a balanced radius ensuring advanced stability and blading comfort.
10mm spacers for Ally hubs are included.


3Ds and files downloables
Wheel Compound: Ultra Reactive Polyurethane
Wheel Diameter: 110mm
Wheel Width: 24mm
Wheel Hardness: 88A
Wheel Profile: Balanced
Wheel Core: AL 72mm
Wheel Bearing Standard: 608 / Decode
Wheel Spacer: AL floating spacer, 8mm