Carbon Cuff AG

Carbon Cuff AG

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Upgrade your inline skates with the Carbon Symmetric Inline Skate Cuff from Iqon, a high-performance option offering exceptional support and flexibility for skaters of all levels, perfect for both aggro sessions and wizard moves.
Looking for a high-performance inline skate cuff that provides exceptional support and flexibility? The Carbon Inline Skate Cuff from Iqon is the only option. Fits AG10 and AG20 and boots with symmetric fixation points. This cuff, which is made of high-quality carbon fiber, is designed to offer the ideal balance of support and flexibility. It gives a balanced, responsive feel that is perfect for skaters of all ability levels. The Carbon Symmetric Inline Skate Cuff has you covered whether you're trying to push through your aggro session or working on your wizard moves. Why then wait? Experience the highest level of performance and comfort by upgrading your skates today! (Height adjustable hinge set with all washers included) Sizing: M 37-42 L 43-47

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