Gawds UHMW Soulplate
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Gawds UHMW Soulplate

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Upgrade your aggressive skating with UHMW soul plates, offering exceptional smoothness, durability, and customizable grooves for GAWDS, USD, and IQON softboot models.
Crafted from Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene, these soul plates are engineered to deliver an exceptionally smooth sliding experience, surpassing the performance of standard plastic materials. UHMW's superior durability ensures these plates withstand the rigors of aggressive skating, offering a significantly extended lifespan compared to conventional options. These soul plates are meticulously CNC-cut to achieve perfect symmetry, featuring two different grooves though. This innovative design allows skaters to rotate the plates as they wear down, further extending their usability. Additionally, skaters can choose their preferred royal groove, enhancing customization and performance. Designed for compatibility with all softboot nad hybrid models from GAWDS, USD, Seba, and IQON, these soul plates provide a seamless fit, ensuring stability and confidence during every trick. Experience unparalleled speed and precision in your slides, making these plates a must-have upgrade for everyone. Embrace the next level of performance with our UHMW soul plates and redefine your aggressive skating with unmatched smoothness and longevity.